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      How to do a good job in the management of trampoline park?

      Time:2020-04-09 09:01:19   Comform:http://wap.funeralofhearts.com/
      Trampoline ParkIn the process of operation, it is very important to do a good job in the management of equipment. Only by doing a good job in the management of equipment can we ensure its good performance. So how to manage it? Let's learn about it together.

      1.Stop equipment inspection and maintenance from time to time, and check various hidden dangers.
      2.Switch on and off the power supply and start the equipment every day.
      3.Check and tighten the screws at the transmission part frequently. When the equipment is abnormal, check the cause of the abnormality and deal with the problem in time.
      4.Adjust the wind force and angle of the balloon house fan in season, and check the fan port to prevent infarction.
      5.Add smooth oil, change belt, friction wheel and other consumable parts.
      6.Manage tools, air compressor, broadcasting and video system.
      Do a good job in trampoline park equipment management, in order to effectively reduce safety accidents, so as to ensure that children play happily.
      More trampoline Park Information:http://wap.funeralofhearts.com/
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