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      Why is trampoline park so popular now?

      Time:2020-04-08 16:30:38   Comform:http://wap.funeralofhearts.com/
      How old do you play trampoline? Most people are wrong to hear that trampoline subconsciously stays in childhood. Today's trampoline Park market is not children's paradise either! So why is trampoline park so popular today?
        With the development of recent years, trampoline is not a special sport for children at all. Only because there are few trampoline institutions for adults to play in China, it gives people this illusion.
        With the emergence of the trampoline in Ruixue amusement trampoline Park, on the trampoline, you will have the aura of the protagonist -- flying on the eaves and walking on the wall, high-altitude dunking is all right! In the jumping up and down, all the troubles and sorrows in work and life jump off! Full of vitality! Moreover, the impact of trampoline on the body is small, and it can consume a lot of heat! 10 minutes of jumping on the trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of running! So How can the beautiful fairies not be moved by the ideal movement of throwing meat? In addition to throwing meat for fun, jumping on the bed can also enhance their physique! A large range of jumping on the trampoline can promote the circulation of blood, lymph and various body fluids in the whole body, improve the immunity of the human body, so as to achieve the effect of preventing and alleviating diseases, improve the coordination of the body, help to sleep, etc. Regular bouncing can help to regulate the body, especially the stomach, back and legs.   
        Bed skipping is to get happiness and gifts by jumping. In the social background of national fitness and national sports, it is not only suitable for children with heavy academic burden and less exercise, but also for office workers with high work pressure and long-term sitting; This product is the best choice for their interesting fitness. Players can jump or roll in the air to increase their body coordination, strengthen their brain through exercise, release pressure and improve their sense of body.
      What are the common trampoline projects in trampoline park?
        Sticky Music: also known as Spiderman, players wear sticky clothes on the trampoline and jump to the sticky wall like zombies. They jump to the sticky wall and "bahaw" sticks to the wall. They can't move. They are full of fun.
      Bubble football: put on the round bubble clothes, turn into a fat "big fat man", touch with teammates! Touch friendship, touch unity, touch the best record!
        Dunk master: become a dunk master and become the most handsome self! With trampoline and buff, the short star can dunk easily and become a Liuchuan Maple! Run up, take off and dunk without losing the momentum of a professional basketball player! The imported super elastic trampoline is designed with cool movements first, and then it's displayed here. I feel like I'm very powerful
                                         More trampoline park information click:http://wap.funeralofhearts.com/
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