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      137-7776-9126(Manager Li) / 182-5772-7606(Manager Wu)
      Company profile
          Zhejiang Ruixue Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is a research and development, design, production, installation As a member unit of the amusement machine Association, the company integrates sales, direct sales, franchise and after-sales service It is a member of iaapa. The company has 7000 square meters of modern standard factory The company's main products are: parent-child restaurant, parent-child accommodation, personalized customization Dozens of non-standard customized games, such as children's Park, naughty castle, trampoline Park, outdoor powerless Park, and children's software From R & D, design, production to installation, the company always ensures that the products are green, environmentally friendly and safe, and all products are selected Use environment-friendly and durable raw materials and pass strict inspection before leaving the factory. 
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      Address:Mei'ao Industrial Zone, 

      qiaoxia Town, Wenzhou City, 

      Zhejiang Province




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